Thank You!

This will be short, but just wanted to thank those who have been following us through prayer. It has been a long haul in getting my energy back up. How I wish I had more energy for my small group in Georgia! I miss you guys! For everyone, this is just a short announcement that I will be trying to keep this blog going once more and to keep you posted of what we are up to. Stay tuned………………….. Evie

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Short-term Mission Groups

This year we had several short-term groups in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Here we see a group from Kalamazoo, Michigan. They were hard workers and had a heart for the needy. During this time in Huehue, we visited several Mayan and Hispanic churches and helped in the building of a future meeting place for the people in Agua Dulce, a beautiful coffee growing area. The group also held some VBS’s for the children. These first two pictures show the group doing crafts outdoors. This is a Maya group of children and there was no building large enough to hold all of the children that came.

While we had some translators, most of the group used
every word in Spanish they had learned in high school to
communicate to children whose parents speak the Mam language.


In another part of the state of Huehuetanango, sheep are central to the economy.

Here we are having a picnic in the “Cuchumatanes”
mountains at about 11,000 feet high. We had anothert VBS
there in a small church plant. A couple hundred children

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Meet Jonah David Martinez

On August 3 at 7:25 in Bellingham, WA, Jonah David Martinez entered into this world.  There were two sets of grandparents jumping up and down with excitement.  One set in Spokane, WA and the other in Atlanta, GA.  Edwin was actually in Guatemala with a short-term mission group and I was calling him on Skype filling him in with all the news and photos I could get.  We are thankful to all of you who prayed and grateful to the Lord for a fast delivery.  There were barely two hours from when Nina woke up to when Jonah was born.

Jonah, a few hours old Nina’s parents arrived first and stayed for the first ten days.  Then after three days leaving mom and dad alone with their two cherubs, I arrived. Edwin is due in tonight.  As I write this, he has an hour layover in Minneapolis.  He is so excited to be able to meet and hold little Jonah.  He can hardly wait.  Liam, Jonah’s older brother hasn’t quite decided how to respond yet.  For right now, when he thinks he needs more attention given to him, he will act out doing things he knows he shouldn’t.  However, I see less and less of that and more interest in this little baby that cries so often.

Click here for a link to Eddie and Nina’s blog so you can see more if you are interested.

Here is a picture of Liam looking at his brother for the first time.

Thank you for your prayers.  God has been good to us and we thank Him.  We are blessed.

Edwin and Evie Martinez

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Update on Jenny and Irie

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers!

Many of you have asked about where Jenny is. To those who through other sources know that she is in Michigan, wondered how she got there.  I really don’t know what it is, but the older you get, the faster time flies by and the more behind I get.

As we were praying for God to speak clearly to us about the rehab location we needed to find for Jenny, we were specific in praying that HE would shut the door tight if we were to not pursue a place for her and to open wide the door we should walk through for her. While we were desperately trying to find a place that allowed Jenny to continue on her medication, we never found one.  There was a definite door closing in Minneapolis.  The State of Minnesota changed its laws so it made it impossible for Jenny to go.

The same day the door slammed shut, a door opened so wide it seemed not real.  We called Mission Teen in Michigan.  All other Mission Teens required Jenny to be 30 days drug free (prescription drugs).  Only the one in Michigan said that she could go there immediately and they would work with her to wean her off the meds.  It honestly didn’t seem like the best place for her, but was God sending her there?  If so, then it was the perfect place for her.  This place is located in the U.P. of Michigan.  It is a rural town.  She has now been there nearly one month.  She can’t have any phone calls for the first two months.  Yesterday was her 32nd birthday.  I called just hoping they would allow me to just say Happy Birthday.  That didn’t happen, but I think someone passed the message on to her.

God knows best and I believe she is to be right where she is for now.  They do smoke there, so it is hard for her to not want to pick that habit up again.  But they are teaching her that illegal drugs and alcohol are bad for the body. Mostly they are studying the Bible five hours a day and learning how our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and we should keep it clean. Monthly they are sending a report to Jenny’s probation officer to fulfill the 12 month requirement.

Irie has been with us since November with the exception of 7 weeks in February when his dad came and took him back to North Carolina.  He then took Irie again for the July 4th holiday and has him now until school starts.  It is hard emotionally for him going back and forth so if any of you have suggestions, please let me know.  He is supposed to be with us for the school year with exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It is a long drive to his father’s house.  It takes six hours one way to get from our house to his.


1) Pray that Jenny would become comfortable at the rehab place to soak up all that they are giving her to learn.

2) Pray that Jenny would see God’s love and forgiveness for her and make a heart change towards God.  She claims to be a Christian but doesn’t have any interest in reading the Bible or attending church.

3) Pray for Irie.  He seems so fearful the people he loves will leave him.  He is very “clingy” and asks constantly if I will be there to pick him up from church, school or other places.

4) Pray for Edwin who is in Guatemala at this moment with a short-term group from Cary, North Carolina.  He returns on Tuesday and on Wednesday both he and I will leave for Montevideo, Uruguay for ministry.  Our God is a wonderful  God.  We are so fortunate to be able to serve Him and fortunate to have a wonderful family and team behind us praying daily.  Thank you!

In a few days, I will post photos of Eddie, Nina and baby Liam.  He is soon to have a little brother and WE ARE EXCITED!

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As I was beginning to write a family update to bring you up to date on the whole family, so much has focused on Jenny here recently that I thought I would just share about her.  We need much prayer these days.

Some of you are aware that when she was still a teen, she was diagnosed with a disorder that has been under control by medication. Back in February, her doctor adjusted one of the meds and added a second.  Against better judgement, she chose to drive after an evening dose and a morning dose.  Both drugs together made her very dizzy and drowsy.   She was stopped by the police and issued a DUI for prescription drugs.  Long story short, we need to find her a rehab place.  There are other issues in her life as well that will improve by being in a resident program.

We have inquired both on phone and online to over 75 places here in the Southeast and a few in the Midwest.  Only one place said they would take her while on her meds for the disorder.  Most places list on their requirements that any individual who desires help must not be on any mood altering medication.  This one place was in Minnesota. We have been in prayer through the nearly four months of communication with this one location.  Speed bumps were always popping up.  This past week while Jenny was finally finishing with all the medical tests that were required before entering the program, we got the largest speed bump ever.  We were told that the monthly fee would be over double what was originally quoted and she would have to stop taking her meds.

It has been a roller coaster these last four months.  Normally I would be totally frustrated and stressed out.  On one side I am.  But, on the other side, trust in what God is doing.  So while I feel drained and sad, I also know there is hope and God will show us where she is to go at the right time.

This is why I wanted to focus on Jenny this blog.  Edwin and I need your prayers.  On one side we have the probation department breathing down our throats with DUI school, large fines, 40 hours of community service, a suspended license and 12 months of probation.  On the other side, the probation officer said that if Jenny is resident for a 12 month program, all else would be dropped because they value the programs effectiveness.

Please pray.  Pray that if there is a place that will take her while on the drugs that I will find it.  Pray also that if she is to wean off her drugs, that we will feel the peace from God and either Minnesota or others that will take her off her drugs will open their doors wide and accept her.  Pray that it will be soon.  If she is not gone before June 21, she will have to start on her list and then it will be extremely hard to leave for a rehab place.

God knows, God cares, God loves, God protects, God leads.


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The year is flying by…………………..


I feel like I need to hold on because the year is flying by.  We are almost one fourth through the year.  Physically and emotionally I feel like we have packed six months into three.  Along the way there have been major struggles, but at the same time, huge blessings.  God has been with us each step of the way.

I never posted our goals and objectives for 2010.  Unfortunately since this is posted for the world to see, I will only share with you seven of the nine ministry goals.  If you are interested in knowing about the other two, you can email me.

Edwin and Evie Martinez 2010 Ministry Goals and Objectives


  1. Strategic planning and execution of fifteen (15) evangelistic efforts in El Salvador completed.

  2. Fifteen thousand (15,000) counselors equipped for evangelism through participation in counselor training classes for Franklin Graham Festivals in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and Las Piedras, Uruguay.

  3. Two thousand (2,000) pastors and leaders in two Latin American countries trained in principles of evangelism as shown by their participation in a congress or seminar on evangelism.

  4. One hundred (100) pastors and leaders in three countries in Latin America assisted with development of mission programs in their churches through pastors’ conferences on missions as demonstrated by participating in one of our mission seminars..

  5. Ten (10) key pastors and leaders in Argentina exposed to strategic youth ministries, as evidenced by being introduced to IMT team members, Tim and Annette Gulick and the Youth Specialties Institute being established in Argentina.

  6. Strategic visits to three (3) key regions in the US for the purpose of presenting OC and IMT ministries, with the ultimate goal of gaining more prayer and financial support due to many supporters going on to be with the Lord.  Also two churches had difficulties last year and had to lower support.

  7. In cooperation with the mission emphasis of their sending churches, six (6) short-term ministry teams to Guatemala organized and led for involvement in evangelism and practical work projects.

Thank you for standing with us, kneeling with us in prayer, praising Him for miraculous results and giving Him all the glory.  It takes more than just the two of us and we are so thankful to have you on our team.

Currently, Edwin is in Guatemala expecting two teams to arrive from Washington State.  The first one is from The Inn in Bellingham, WA and the second group to arrive is from First Pres Church in Tacoma, WA.  Pray for these young people to be a blessing to the Guatemalans.  Pray that their hearts would be open to hear from God how they can get involved in missions when they return.  God is Good!!  All the time.

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When I sent the last post, I was definitely frazzled.  It seemed like a whole week of negative happenings were all crowded into two days.  I felt spent.  I felt emotionally done in. 

I revisited the devotional I had read at the beginning of the day.  I really didn’t remember my AM reading as all the “stuff” was coming into my life, but when I re-read the day’s words on the page, it was if God had written the message just for me.  I have heard many people share their testimonies how God’s answer in the Bible was just wat was needed for that day.

” DO NOT LET any set of circumstances intimidate you.  The more challenging your day, the more of My Power I place at your disposal.  You seem to think that I empower you equally each day, but this is not so.  Your tendency upon awakening is to assess the difficulties ahead of you, measuring them against your average strength.  This is an exercise in unreality.

I know what each of your days will contain, and I empower you accordingly.  The degree to which I strengthen you on a given day is based mainly on two variables: the difficulty of your circumstances, and your willingness to depend on Me for help.  Try to view challenging days as opportunities to receive more of My Power than usual.  Look to Me for all that you need, and watch to see what I will do.  As your day, so shall your strength be.”

Ephesians 1:18 – 20, Psalm 105:4, Deuteronomy 33:25 (NKJV)

Taken from “Jesus Calling, Enjoying Peace in His Presence” by Sarah Young pg. 330 c.2004


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The Body of Christ

In First Corinthians chapter 12, we read about how as believers, we are each unique with different gifts, but we form one body in Christ.  I know this is not new to you, but I bring it up because yesterday it was played out in action.BODY-1

At four in the morning I received an SOS call from Jenny in North Carolina.  Without going into detail, I will just say she needed to leave the situation which she was living in.  We had a small window of time for her to gather some of her belongings and leave to a hiding place.  After that, she was taken to the airport in Raleigh-Durham and flew with Irie to Atlanta and now she is with us for a while.  With me in Atlanta and Jenny and Irie in Sanford, it took many wonderful people to get her from point A to point B.  All worked as a team, but it took many to get the job done.

It took Terry, Betty, Kitty, Angela  and others to pick her up, give her suitcases to fill, paid for the suitcases at the airport, put things in the mail, feed, console and pass out hugs.  That was the body from Peace Presbyterian Church in Cary.  Then there was the body of believers here from Grace Fellowship in Snellville, GA  praying for each and every step.  That was Leslie, Carla, Carol, Celia, Barbara and others praying, emailing me and holding us up here.  It doesn’t stop there.  The Bible Babes from Edinbrook Church in Minneapolis, MN were praying for each step as well.  Even some pasters in Belo Horizonte, Brazil were praying along with Edwin.  I think that is a beautiful example of God’s church in action.

Thank YOU for praying for us.  YOU are our team, our prayer team, our ministry team.  Just as yesterday people came together from all over to make a plan successful, it takes YOU praying and supporting us to make our ministry goals happen.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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Aguacatán, Suculque, Shetenám, Arenál, Malacantacito

To you, these are probably just strange words.  To Guatemalans, these are names of towns in the northwestern part of the country.  All of these towns were visited by the group from Edinbrook Church in Minneapolis.  They came  for one week.  They visited these towns mentioned above and held dental clinics in each one.  A total of nearly 200 teeth extractions and around 65 fillings were performed.  Over 800 men, women and children were administered medicine to kill parasites.  Vacation Bible School was held in three of the cities with over 500 children hearing the Word of God.  They laughed, played games, did manual crafts and were given a clear message of the plan of salvation.  Berea Bible Institute had new curtains made for some of the older buildings and a new roof was put on one of the large buildings.

We were able to hold two church services where the group  sang, gave their testimonies and shared God’s love with the people.  The first night, Julian came walking forward and kneeled to receive Christ as his Savior.  This man had been prayed over for many months and that night we saw the harvest.  Pray for Julian as he grows in the church named, “Jesus, the Light of the World.”

Today the group is leaving for Guatemala City as I stay behind wrapping things up.  They will return home tomorrow a different group.  God always works in the lives of the ones that come.  For many this is their 4th and 5th trips.  Some were first timers.  Pray for the lives that were touched here as well as the ones returning home tomorrow.


Evie with two Canjobal women from Soloma


Our group at the monument overlooking Huehuetenango at 11,000 feet


Children crowding around to hear a Bible story.


Children in one group playing the parachute game

Thank you for your prayers.  Wednesday, November 4, Edwin and I return to Atlanta and early on the 6th, we take off for Detroit, Michigan to be at Woodside Bible Church in Troy, Michigan for their mission’s conference.  We would appreciate your prayers for health as many of our trips are back to back.

Edwin and Evie

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Let’s have coffee



Thanks for coming.  I was hoping you would.  I made some coffee so I can share with you a burden on my heart.  I hope you will then pray about it as often as the Lord brings it to mind.

It’s about our daughter, Jenny.   I may have told you that for the last 12 years she has been rebelling and living her life away from God.  Last May, it seemed that our prayers were answered.  She wanted to completely leave all of her bad habits, come back to the Lord and attend church to grow.  She left where she was living in North Carolina and along with Irie, came to live with us in Georgia.    What a wonderful decision and answer to prayer.

It lasted for two months.  For two months she left all of her bad habits behind and saught out a Christian counselor, attended Celebrate Recovery and was active in a small group at church.

The first part of July, she began conversations again with Irie’s father and before long, while I was away attending the funeral of my dear prayer partner o f 25 years, Jenny decided to go back.  When I returned home on July 7, she was gone.

I have been praying and just feel it is time to share so a flood of prayers will go out for her and for Irie, her 3 yr. old.  Please unite with us and pray for Jenny and Irie that they will be open to God’s voice and leading.  I feel the best way to pray is for God’s will.  He moves many times in ways  different than how we wold ask.  She seems to know the Lord and at times is so sensitive to His voice.  She does have a disorder that at times causes her to think in a disfunctional way.

Thank you for your prayers.  We appreciate you joining us as we lift Jenny and little Irie up to the Lord.

Worth, Jen and Irie

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